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Get Into Golf at Kirkistown Castle

Playing golf is great fun and has a wide range of physical and mental benefits for people of all ages and abilities.

People who play golf live longer than those who do not, new research has suggested (BBC, 2016)

The social, mental and physical benefits of playing golf last a lifetime. Our youngest members are 8-9 years old with our oldest playing members in their late 80s and 90s. Benefits are wide ranging and include:

  • Mental well being, including reduced stress
  • Physical health with physical benefits increasing with age
  • Socialising with friends and meeting new people
  • Motivation and sense of achievement in improving your golf game

At Kirkistown the value for money offered by having a course that is open all year round means you can continue to reap these benefits 52 weeks a year.

Playing golf

Everyone can play golf but nobody can master it and that is part of the appeal. Once you start and get the basic set-up and fundamentals right, you will soon become motivated to improve the various facets of your game.

If you have little experience of playing golf then we would recommend that playing with more experienced players and accessing the expertise of our PGA Professional to get those all important fundamentals right. After that you can get your handicap which will allow you to play in competitions in the Club and at other golf courses around the country. 

At Kirkistown Castle we are delighted to offer many membership categories to suit all, Gents, Ladies, Juniors, Juveniles or Seniors. You do not need to have played before or have any type of knowledge as we will be on hand to help you develop not only your skills but knowledge of how the game is played as well. We are positive that you will enjoy it! Not only is the game itself a lot of fun along with all the health benefits of exercise and being outside in the stunning scenery, but Club life itself is an added bonus. 

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