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Environmental Awareness

Kirkistown Castle Golf Club is committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and care for the local, and global environment. Some of the activities we take part in, in order to help minimise our impact on the environment include:

    • We take pride in our natural setting and environment and actively promote and protect the natural flora and fauna of the links and the wildlife habitat therein.
    • We train our employees on environmental awareness.
    • We encourage our employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
    • We have a Green Team that consists of a member of staff from each department.
    • We continuously seek to improve our environmental performance.
    • We actively recycle waste and have significantly reduced waste to landfill and we continue to minimise this.
    • We work to minimise the use of energy, water and fossil fuels.
    • We support the community in which we operate and engage in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.
    • We work with and support a range of outdoor and conservation bodies in helping to preserve our historic sites and wildlife environment.
    • We source much of our food ingredients locally.
    • Our future development plans will include measures to reduce our environmental impact.
    • We align ourselves with the Green Tourism Business Scheme as an indicator of our environmental commitment and focus.  For more information on this scheme please click here.
    • We are currently awaiting accreditation by the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

If you feel there is anything we could do to further reduce our environmental impact
please contact Green Team Representative Tracy McDowell

Kirkistown Castle Golf Club is proud to be working towards accreditation by
Green Tourism in October 2015